The Perfect Bib

Hi Lovelies!

We received the waterproof silicone baby bibs from Nature Bond International. I cannot say enough good things about them!

First off they come in a waterproof reusable bag! This is so amazing because you can use them to throw into your diaper bag. Once your kiddo dirties them while you’re out you can just throw them back into the reusable pouch to bring home and wash.

These bibs have 4 tightening buttons. This means as your little ones grow the bibs grow with them! They also shouldn’t be able to pull them off.

They come in 2 beautiful colours, tangerine orange as well as lemonade yellow. They also have the most adorable penguin on them.

These bibs have a wide angle with a tray to catch all the food droppings. They are made out of FDA approved silicone and are BPA and PVC free. Meaning they are safe for your babes to use.

The best thing about them is they are dishwasher safe!!

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps other mamas find the perfect bibs for their little peanuts.

If you purchase the Nature Bond International fruit feeders and bibs from amazon, you can use the code FEEDERBIBS for 10% off!

XO Natasha

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