Can curb side pickup stay forever?

While pregnant with Logan we used curb side pickup so often. Let’s face it, whether you’re a first time, second time, fifth time mom, you’re tired during pregnancy! Having a two year old and no energy from being pregnant, curb side pickup was a lifesaver. We visited BuyBuyBaby Canada way more than I’d care to admit. With this crazy pandemic and not being able to shop in a store, even if you wanted to. BuyBuyBaby has made it so easy for Canadians to still get all their babies needs without having to wait for shipping times. Since this was my second pregnancy I already knew what worked for us, what didn’t work and baby items I wish I tried with my first.

First item on my registry was the baby bjorn bouncer. I had heard this bouncer was a game changer, but needed to see what all the talk was about. It has hands down been our most used baby item with Logan.

Next we purchased the Bugaboo Stardust pop up play yard and sheet.

I knew with having a 2.5 year old and two dogs, we needed a safe place to be able to put the baby down. This play yard has been a lifesaver for those moments when I have to run to grab something for Addison or let the dogs out. We also use it as a change area on the main floor. We can’t wait for traveling to be in our lives again and will be bringing this with us.

A few other items that I knew I wanted to try with a second baby are the angle care bath tub, babymoov lovenest newborn pillow, baby brezza formula pro.

Thank you to curb side pickup, I was able to get all the baby items I wanted, without even going into the store.

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