First family vacation

February, 2019 will always be a special time for me.  This was the month in which Addison took her first vacation!  We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my parents.  We could not have asked for a better first trip.  She did great on the plane, had a lot of fun swimming, and also tried a bunch of new foods for the first time.  Read below to find out more and what to pack!

First things first make sure you have the baby’s passport before you book your trip! I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world but here in Canada it takes FOREVER. I was told so many different dates that I would be receiving her birth certificate by. The dates kept passing and I was getting frustrated. Finally 3 months after we sent in the request form we received her birth certificate. I then had to go get her passport photos taken. Once I brought in all the information for the passport it took about 8 business days to receive it by mail.

At almost any all-inclusive resort kids under 2 are free! They are also free on the airplane, as long as you’re willing to have them sit on your lap for the flight. The only catch is your little one doesn’t get their own checked bag included. Eric and I ended up sharing a suitcase, while Addison took one for all her stuff. We gave Addison Tylenol right before take off, and I nursed her during take off and landing. She was very content and didn’t cry once the whole flight. Proud mom moment haha.

What to pack for your little peanut:

Diapers – I packed enough for 8 a day but ended up being way too many. Better to have too many than too little in my opinion. I’d say 6 per day would have been plenty.

Little swimmers- 2 per day

1 package of wipes

1 container of bum cream

9 sleepers this is good for 1 per day plus 2 extra for accidents.

2 bathing suits – I found it very helpful to have 2 so one could dry while she was using the other one.

5 tops/tanks

4 dresses/rompers

4 pants/ shorts

1 Beach cover up

2 Hats

Soother- Addison will not suck on a soother but she likes to chew the edge of the avent brand ones.

1 teething toy

1 favorite toy- they really only need 1 toy to keep them entertained, I brought a Lamaze toy as it had multiple things to keep her happy.

Floaty for the pool

Life jacket- I brought one but honestly didn’t use it, she was so little and just wanted to be held when we were in the pool.

3 swaddle blankets

Nursing cover – if nursing and aren’t as open about it like myself.

Stroller- we didn’t use a stroller bag and it was totally fine.

Diaper bag

Ziplock bags- for well anything haha

Sunscreen- I love the brand Think Baby, at least SPF 50

Baby carrier- I brought the Ergo baby 360 as she could face in when tired and out when she wanted to look around. I’d highly recommend bringing one! We used this just about every day.

Soap/ lotion- make sure you pack your soap and lotion from home that your little ones skin is used to.

Tylenol- in case of fever, or any emergency!

Bibs – depends on how much solids they are eating

2 little spoons- you can wash and reuse them

Vitamin D drops- if breastfeeding

Bottles and formula- if not breastfeeding

This is the exact list of everything I packed for little Miss Addison and we were not missing anything! We were able to enjoy our whole trip and were well prepared! I hope this list helps you pack for your first vacation with your little ones ❤

Thanks for reading,

XO Natasha