2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi Lovelies!

I have put together a Mothers Day gift guide for all those mamas that have no idea what they want, and for all the dads that need some guidance to finding the perfect gifts.

Ill categorize all the gifts by the stores I found them at.

Chapters/ Indigo

I found two adorable totes from chapters/indigo. They are both Love and Lore brand and are blush coloured. Blush is so big right now and the perfect colour for sping and summer!  

The first one is $39.50CAD but if you spend over $45 dollars you get it for only $14.50!

The second one has this adorable perforated floral pattern on it and its $55CAD

They have tons of adorable little clutch bags which are perfect for throwing your essential makeup into, to keep it together when in the diaper bag or your purse. Here are a few of my favorites. They are all Love and Lore and $18-20 CAD.

I personally live in my pajamas when I’m at home, so if you’re anything like me you’ll love the next few items!

They have the cutest nightgowns from Love and Lore for only $29.50CAD I’ll list my favorite ones below

Smash and Tess rompers are the comfiest thing you will every try on! They are perfect for any body and feel like you’re in pajamas all day long! They can be dressed up with a cute jean jacket and sandals or worn just by themselves for a park or zoo day! They are a bit pricier but definitely worth it for the comfort. Also if you’re obsessed with Jillian Harris like I am, she always wears them so that speaks for itself haha. $120CAD

This adorable Love and Lore robe is only $49.50CAD and the CUTEST colour!

This Rose All Day candle smells so delicious and is only $19.50CAD

I thought these cups were so cute and so accurate for all us mamas they are $29.50CAD for the set!

Ugg store

I swear to god I wear these Ugg slippers everyday! They are so comfy and keep your feet nice and toasty warm. $105CAD


Who doesn’t love a good diffuser to help purify the air and make your home smell so good. Jillian Harris and Sage teamed up to create the mast esthetically pleasing diffused I’ve seen for a modern home. This doesn’t have a button on it so its super clean and basic, the power button is actually on the cord. Plus you can choose 7hrs of continuous misting or 14 hours of intermitted! $89.95CAD

If all else fails every girl loves flowers!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all can find something you love. Wishing everyone an amazing Mothers Day!

XO Natasha