Cübo Ai Plus baby monitor review

Every first time mom wants the best for their baby. From crib to car seat to baby monitor. I have tried many different baby monitors, recently I was given the opportunity to give Cubo Ai Plus a try. In this blog I will go over all of the features of the monitor that I love as well as share some photos. 

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First things first I absolutely love the easy set up. I went with the floor stand and it took me less than five minutes to put together. I love that Cübo Ai gives you this option because I can easily use it if we are travelling or if the baby is sleeping in a different room in a playpen. There is also an option to use a wall mount which is perfect if you will always be using the monitor over the crib! 

I personally think it is a huge bonus that I am able to use the same monitor wherever I am, as long as I have Wi-Fi. 

I have tried many different monitors between both of the kids. The issue that I have with a lot of other monitors, is that the picture is not clear. I’m going to put a screen shot of Logan below so you can see just how clear the display is on my phone.

As you can see the quality of the camera is very high! I can even see Logan breathing through my phone. The night view is just as clear as day time. 

One of the most important thing I look for in a baby monitor is safe sleep features. Cübo Ai Plus offers a feature that will notify you if your babies face is covered. This includes rolling over to their stomach (great for young babies)  or if anything is covering their face. As a family we always practice safe sleep methods and never put anything in the crib with our kids but in the case something was in the crib and coving their face, the monitor would be able to notify you. You can also change the notifications once they are old enough to roll over and sleep on their stomach.  

Some additional favourite features: 

Can use multiple monitors on one app- this allows me to have one in each kids room and be able to see both of them in one app. 

Can have the app on multiple phones- this is great for both myself and my husband having access to see the kids. 

Two way talk- can talk to older kids (or babies) through the monitor if you have to. 

Temperature and humidity gage- you can see exactly what your kids rooms are at. 

Viewing from your phone- this means you can see your kids no matter if you’re home or not. 

Birds eye view- I love that it is right over the crib, this allows me to see exactly what I need to without any obstructions. 

Not to mention, the design is adorable and would look great in any nursery!

I could go on and on about why I love Cübo Ai Plus, but I think you get the point if you’ve made it this far! Make sure you join the Cubo Community to connect with parents! https://www.facebook.com/groups/CuboCommunity/?ref=share

Now head on over to their website to check it out for yourself! https://bit.ly/3ypJ764 CODE: TASHA2021

The Birth of Addison Marie

8am I know every women’s birth story is very different… So here’s mine haha. We had just recently moved in to our newly built house. So since I was off for one month before Addison’s birth I had people coming and going almost every day fixing minor details and finishing things. On this day there just so happened to be the duct guy here as our fans were not working in the bathrooms. He had just left around 830 and I was sitting on the couch with Teddy looking out the window. I was just about to head upstairs to go get ready to go mall walking as almost every overdue soon to be mama does. And then all of a sudden I heard a loud POP and felt like I peed myself, I felt a jolt of electricity in my pelvic area!

It happened… My water had broke just like in the movies. Everyone who I had talked to told me that they never experience their water breaking before the doctors having to do it for them. I called Eric in a panic. He was kind of annoyed that I called him because he JUST got to work. I would call him all the time in the last month of pregnancy because I was bored and just wanted to talk haha. Once he realized what happened he got right back in the car and was on his way to come pick me up. I was a mess rushing around the house trying to figure out everything that we needed to bring to the hospital even though the hospital bags were packed weeks before.

10am We just arrived at the hospital and Eric drop me off at the door and he went to park. I rushed upstairs to the second floor and went to the desk where you get admitted. They quickly checked to see how dilated I was which was 1 cm. They told us to go walk the halls for three hours and come back and hopefully they will have a room for us. We got to know Saint Boniface Hospital quite well in those three hours as it is very small and we had a lot of time on our hands. We went back to the desk and they check me again and this time I was 3 cm dilated so this was progress. They still didnt have a room for us so they sent us to walk for another three hours. We were extremely bored and tired of walking the halls I think we went past every room and every ward we could get into. We headed back to the desk and of course still no room I was still 3 cm dilated at this point so we were sent on another walk.

830pm YAY! We had a room! Since I was still 3 cm dilated and they had induced me around 9 PM. I remember thinking to myself is this it? Is this labour? Since I wasn’t feeling any pain or contractions at this point. The nurse kept telling me you will know when its go time. I went into this knowing I wanted the epidural as I am a baby and have a horrible pain tolerance. I kept asking the nurse when should I get the epidural. She would tell me that I would know when/if I needed it. So in the meantime we watched movies on the small tube TV with a VHS player. All the movies were at the end of the tape, so we basically watched them backwards first while they rewinded then watched them all over again with sound…. thanks to everyone for not rewinding them when they were done haha.

3am We were for sure movied out 6 hours later… The Dr came into check me and still 3cm dilated! The nurse kept telling me I should try to get in some sleep while I could but how are you supposed to sleep when you know you’re going to meet you baby anytime!!! By this time I was in quite a bit of pain and asked for the epidural. The anesthesiologist had come by earlier to explain the process to me so when I was ready he could do it quickly. He was just doing one other mamas and then it was my turn! I was so excited for this as any mom knows, contractions are NO JOKE!! Unfortunately it took the anesthesiologist 4 times to attempt to get it into the right spot as I’m trying to stay still during contractions but also hunched over squishing my baby. Finally it was in and I thought we were good to go. 1 hour had passed and I was in even more pain than before. The anesthesiologist came back to try again, another 4 attempts and he thinks he got it this time.

6am I was in excruciating pain at this point still 3cm dilated. Before getting induced I thought it meant this baby was going to be here very soon, I was very wrong haha. The anesthesiologist didn’t get it the second time either. Did I mention he was in training? I had to wait an hour but then the attending anesthesiologist did my epidural for the third time. She was AMAZING! It took her about 5 minutes and it started working instantly. The amount of pain I was in in that hour is indescribable. I asked the nurse to check to see if I dilated any more as it was so much pain. She checked and said you’re never going to believe this but you’re 10cm! so within that hour I had gone from 3cm to 10cm! ITS BABY TIME! She ran to get the Dr. and with 20 minutes of pushing Addison was born at 8:04am. The most amazing moment in my life as we welcomed our baby girl into this world. All 9 pounds 2 ounces of pure love.

one hour old